Released on June 25th, 1984
Side one
01. To France
02. Poison Arrows
03. Crystal Gazing
04. Tricks of the Light
05. Discovery
Side two
01. Talk About Your Life
02. Saved by a Bell
03. The Lake
Discovery is the ninth album by Mike Oldfield, released in 1984. It was recorded at Oldfield's then-home in Villars-sur-Ollon in the Swiss Alps where he was living for tax reasons. Oldfield also wrote The Killing Fields, the soundtrack to the 1984 film of the same name there.
Album information
The album contains a number of pop songs, which Oldfield had been encouraged by Virgin Records to write, following the success of "Moonlight Shadow" from his previous album, Crises.

The first track of the album "To France" features Maggie Reilly on vocals and references Mary Stuart in its chorus. The second track, "Poison Arrows", seamlessly continues from the ending of "To France", and features Barry Palmer on vocals.

The Discovery Tour 1984 was in promotion of the album.
Recording and instruments
Around the time of Discovery Oldfield had been seen using a Gibson SG Junior and a Les Paul Junior (including a modified 24 fret fretboard), along with a pair of Fender Stratocasters (red and sunburst). Oldfield also used guitar synthesizers on the album, utilising Roland's GR-300 and G-808 controller. The Roland G-88 bass synth controller is heavily used for bass guitar sounds on the album. It is likely that a mandolin made by Scottish-based luthier Mike Vanden is used in "To France". Among the acoustic guitars on the album, an Ovation Adamas was used. Oldfield's main compositional tool for the album was the Fairlight CMI. In addition to using its sequencing abilities he also used it as a sampler, for example with Maggie Reilly's voice on "The Lake". Barry Palmer and Maggie Reilly did not meet until the album was finished even though they share vocal duties on "Tricks of the Light"; they recorded their vocals separately.
Sleeve photos
The inner sleeve of the original vinyl LP featured candid photographs taken during the recording sessions. One of the photos, titled "Simon's notes", shows a handwritten list of tracks recorded during the sessions, some of which - such as "T'Sword" - may either have been released under different names or remain unreleased to this day.
• Maggie Reilly – vocals
• Barry Palmer – vocals
• Simon Phillips – Tama Drums, producer
• Mike Oldfield – all other instruments, producer